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– This is your full newbie’s overview, to the DJI Mini 2. Whether you’re a very first time leaflet or you have actually flown drones before, what we’re gonna experience in this video clip is everything that you need to find out about the drone, the controller, the app, and after that in the direction of completion of this video we’re gon na undergo exactly how you get the best direct exposure as well as the color from this camera. All appropriate guys let’s obtain right into it. (upbeat songs) So I simply wan na look at a fast summary of what you’re gon na find in this novice’s overview. The initial thing we’re gon na do is discuss the drone itself and also whatever that gets on this drone. Next we’ll go into the controller as well as whatever that you require to understand on the controller. We’ll go right into the app as well as there’s a lot to discover regarding the DJI app. We’ll go over what every switch implies as well as what it all does. Now once we experience all of that, we’re gon na go right into your first trip as well as some things to do the very first time you take your drone off as well as really start flying. And afterwards from there we’ll get involved in exactly how you in fact obtain far better looking video via my Exposure Overview and afterwards last we’ll go into a little about shade grading and exactly how you can get the very best keep an eye out of this camera. All best so allow’s dive into the first area which is all about the drone itself. (upbeat songs) So when you initially obtain the DJI Mavic Mini 2 it’s gon na come such as this, all packaged up great and neat. There’s a strap around this drone. All the other drones that I have actually functioned with from DJI do not have the strap and also you take this off, it generally holds on the propellors on the top and bottom. As well as when you take the strap off you’re gon na wan na go with and take all the stickers off of your drone. You wan na fold it out. To fold up out the Mini 2, you fold the front arms onward first and afterwards the back arms down second and after that on the gimbal itself, there’s a little gimbal guard. You’re going to pop this out as well as pull forward. Now once your drone is totally folded up out you wan na experience and also just clean it up, take off all the sticker labels since there’s sticker labels on the arms, on the body, on the battery compartment, on the actual cam itself even if you do not wan na leave any of those on. Now that we have the drone folded up out as well as prepared to go I simply wan na stroll through all the different parts that are on this drone and also what every little thing is as well as what every little thing does. So allow’s simply take a look at the top of the drone. Looking right down we’re gon na look at the propellers and these ones are attached using a little screwdriver. So if you damage a prop you’re gon na need to have a little screwdriver to pull these off. There’s no other way to such as click and also press on the DJI Mavic Air 2 and also all the other drones with the exception of the Minis. You really can push it in and stand out the propeller off. On these ones, you in fact require a screwdriver to make it happen. Now on the front of your drone is your camera as well as your electronic camera’s gon na relocate in 3 different instructions. That’s how it obtains stable footage and over that you’re gon na see a little strip as well as that’s where there is a light for your drone, and you can in fact regulate that in your settings. Now next to that is two air intakes. There’s no sensors on the front of this drone. The only sensors are on all-time low. When we flip the drone to the base you’re gon na see two sensors at the back, as well as these are gon na tell you how close you are to the ground. When your drone is landing these bottom two sensing units will understand how much away from the ground your drone is, as well as then once it obtains close, it’s gon na reduce down, land and transform off as well as you can vehicle take off and also land and it’s because of these sensing units. Now additionally you’re gon na see some more air vents as well as right below on the bottom, is the switch to turn on the drone. So when you prepare to turn on your Mini 2, what you wan na do is click as soon as and also after that hold until all the lights power up. Currently if you click when it’s just gon na reveal you exactly how much battery you carry the battery that’s presently in the drone. Now if you view on either side of the Mini 2 you’re gon na see air vents in the back edges as well as after that on the back, you’re gon na have your battery door. So right below is where the battery goes and beneath the battery door is a USB-C as well as a mini SD card slot. You’re gon na put your card in below as well as your USB-C that’s made use of for, if you wan na connect this directly right into your computer. So when the drone’s on, you can connect it in and also you can access your files without having to obtain the SD card. Currently you can likewise utilize this USB-C to plug directly right into a source of power and also you can bill the battery that remains in the drone. Listed below that you’re gon na see a little switch with a light and also that’s used to link the drone, if your controller loses connection as well as this backlight adjustments colors to inform you what’s going on with the drone. Now let’s open the battery compartment and you’re gon na see the battery in the back of your drone. Currently to obtain your battery, you’re generally gon na capture due to the fact that there’s a little tab that you’re gon na have to push up and after that pull straight out, and also simply like that you have your battery. This is in fact a great deal easier than the initial Mavic Mini, due to the fact that it comes out smoother. Plug that back in you’re good to go. Simply see to it that you shut the battery door and lock it. Just you’ll listen to a click and after that your drone is all set to take off. That’s everything around the drone. Currently when you’re ready to pack this up, you have your gimbal guard which is this little plastic clear thing. You’re simply gon na wan na hook the front and after that clip it in and after that from there, you’re going to put the back propellors down initial and after that swing the front props in, as well as the last step is that you wan na place on your band. This holds the propellers in so you don’t damage the propellers when you’re transferring it. And there’s gon na be a little piece that suspends and also this goes in the direction of the base of the gimbal guard. You wan na make sure that all the propellers are underneath this strap and also then clip it, as well as currently this is a much simpler drone to take with you anywhere you go. You can take this, the controller, and your phone, and that’s all you need to bring with you as well as you have an extremely small light-weight video camera anywhere that you go. Now the last point I wan na speak about in this section is the battery financial institution. If you obtain the Fly More pack, you’re gon na get this 3 battery charger. Currently you can connect all three batteries right into this at the same time as well as it’s going to charge them, but what’s awesome about this item is that it has an input and also an outcome. On the side there’s a USB output and you can in fact utilize this to charge other devices. All you have to do is press and also hold the power switch and also then it comes to be a battery financial institution. So right now I’m charging my phone from the two additional batteries that aren’t in the Mavic Mini 2. It’s wonderful if you have three batteries on you and also you end up requiring to charge something, it’s just a little incentive point that DJI does with their 3 battery charger. Currently also you can utilize this to charge various other gadgets while you are charging these batteries. You just plug this into your wall surface to bill the three batteries as well as then outcome to your controller. It makes it super easy, so you just need to have one plug to charge whatever. Good individuals so that’s it for this section next we’re gon na relocate on to the controller. (positive music) So this is the Maverick Mini 2 controller. Your thumb sticks are gon na be down in all-time low as well as under you additionally have your USB-C billing port. So when you require to bill this simply plug it in right here yet you’re gon na wan na bulge your thumb sticks and also screw them on. Now allow’s review what all the buttons do on this controller. Now on the front face you’re gon na see very first your 2 joysticks and also we’ll look at directionality and how these operate in a later section. In the upper left-hand corner you have a switch that claims Fn as well as you can set this in the menus once we dive into the app itself. Now in the center to the left you’re gon na have a Go back to House switch and also a pause button. So when you press and hold this your drone is gon na Go back to Home despite where it’s at. When you take your drone up and originally release it it’s gon na establish a GPS coordinate to where the drone took off, and also so when you hold this button it’s gon na go into Return To Home setting and also the drone is gon na fly back at you and land where it took off from. Now additionally there’s a pause switch. If you’re making use of one of the automation settings like the fast shots you can click stop it in time as well as it’s gon na quit the automation. Now in the center you have a toggle, you have Cine, Typical and Sport. This is basically slow, medium, quickly. So when you put it right into Cine Setting it’s going to decrease all the activities to ensure that you can obtain more motion picture looking footage. This utilized to be called Tripod Mode but they have actually switched it to Cine. Currently Normal is just like regular trip. If you push the joysticks to fast in an instructions it might look a little jerky however this is also simply exactly how you fly at a regular rate. So Sporting activity Setting makes your drone go super quickly. Now I like to utilize Sport Mode to obtain my drone up and also fly to where I wan na go shoot. It permits you to relocate quicker in the air as well as of course you can use it to shoot some vibrant shots. If you’re going actually quick over a landscape or going after like a car or something like that, however one point to keep in mind when you’re making use of Sport Mode is that all of your motions will end up being very jerky due to the fact that it’s moving so fast. So you obtained ta learn to collaborate with these different settings as well as figure out what jobs best for the style of shooting that you’re gon na be shooting in. And also I make use of all 3 as well as I switch in between them on every flight, because everything depends upon what component of the flight I’m shooting in. Whether it’s flying quickly to get someplace or flying slow-moving. You placed in the Cine Setting to actually record a sluggish cinematic looking shot. Now following to that switch on the right is your power button and simply like your drone you’re gon na click when and after that hold till all the lights brighten and also then your controller gets on. And also the same thing you press once and also hold the controller shuts off. Now in the upper right-hand edge there’s a little switch with a video camera as well as a circle symbol, and this icon generally means switching from video camera to image setting. While you’re flying you can quickly switch over from image back to video, back to image. It makes it very easy, so you do not have to do it on the application itself. Currently let’s look at the top of the controller. If we’re looking straight down you’re gon na have on the right-hand side, your record, or take a picture button. It’s the red dot or the video camera icon. To ensure that’s gon na begin and quit your record or it’s gon na take a photo for you. It just depends upon what setting you’re in. Currently on the left-hand side you have a jog wheel as well as this jog wheel tilts the gimbal up and also down. You utilize this to control your gimbal looking down and also looking up it tilts, and also those are the only 2 buttons that you have on the top of the controller. Now in the facility is where you place your phone to make sure that you can see what you’re shooting and link to the application. On the front there’s a little tab you’re gon na wan na bring up on this and expand it out. As well as beneath you’ll see a cable television as well as on the cable television you’ll see one side has a sign on it for the controller and the various other one is blank. You draw the one that’s blank out, unwrap it and your phone is gon na go in this leading area. So you wan na have the adapter for your phone, dealing with the right, connect your phone in right here and afterwards plug in the phone to the top of the controller. Now DJI comes with different wires. I’m making use of an apple iphone so I have my lightning port. This is the one that comes natively constructed right into the controller yet there are other links like USB-C. Depending on what style of phone you’re using you’re gon na need to switch over out this cord. The only other point on this controller is your antenna and this piece that you drew out is really your antenna. Up right here on the top this is where the signal comes out to regulate your drone and that’s it for the controllers. There’s not a bunch of switches literally on this controller itself. There’s a lot much more capability yet that’s all within the application. The following section that we’re gon na dig into is the app. (upbeat music) Great so when you initially obtain going you require to download and install the DGI Fly app, as well as when you open this application you’re gon na see this display and also from here, you’re gon na wan na connect your airplane. The procedure is turn on your drone, turn on the controller, hook in the controller utilizing the wire, and also after that turn on the application. Now the very first time that you attach your Mavic Mini 2 and also you open the app, it’s gon na ask you to trigger your drone. You’re gon na need to have a DJI account. So you need to set that up initially. You just need to go with the procedure, adhere to the steps and it’s gon na ask you to trigger it, set all of it up, consent to some terms as well as after that you’re great to go. As well as after that after it’s activated you’re gon na end up on this home screen. And also in the top left-hand corner is gon na be the area where you’re gon na see updates. So right under where it’s gon na reveal your address your GPS collaborates, there’s gon na be a little box that will appear and it will certainly say update the drone, or upgrade the batteries, or update the controller. So whenever you initially begin flying or you have not flown in a while, you wan na make certain to transform this on in Wi-fi as well as make certain that you recognize everything is upgraded appropriately. So as soon as your drone is upgraded as well as you prepare to go, you wan na click the Go Fly in the reduced right-hand edge. Now from right here this is the screen that you’re gon na use to regulate your drone, and also we’re gon na go through what everything indicates on this display to ensure that you can understand what all the buttons are as well as what the different status updates and everything like that. So in the top left-hand edge this arrow that’s just gon na take you back to the home screen. We’re gon na click GO FLY as well as go back to the fly screen. So from right here let’s simply go clockwise. N Mode, to ensure that shows you the setting that you’re presently in. I remain in Typical Setting if I switch it over to Cine, that’s gon na transform into a C Mode. That implies Cine Mode. If you goes to the right that’s Sport Mode. So whatever setting you’re in that’s gon na display in this upper left-hand corner. Currently alongside that it’s gon na be your status update. My General practitioner is linked. It says launch permitted. If you have actually no GPS attached it’s mosting likely to tell you right there and also it’s gon na state unable to take off. Now when you click where it says Takeoff permitted it’s gon na bring up your Preflight list. The top it’s gon na claim status and also mine’s Typical, I’m ready to go yet if there’s some error it’s gon na display right here. Now next is your Automobile Return-to-Home Altitude. When you utilize the controller as well as you click the Return-to-Home this is the altitude at which it’s going to Return to House. You can establish this. If you have trees or something like that and also you wan na make certain that you’re flying over those to get the drone house. You could set how numerous feet or just how many meters you want the drone to fly at, to Return-to-Home prior to coming down. Currently beneath that you have Max Altitude as well as Max Distance. This is the outermost that you can fly away from you and also the outermost that you can fly over you, and you can set these relying on which country or area you remain in, and you just got ta make sure you follow regional regulations. If it claims you can’t fly over a certain height after that you can establish that as your Max Elevation so that you never ever fly higher than that. And also now the last thing on your Preflight List is your SD card. So mine is showing that I have 94 gigabytes left of 120 gigabyte card. So if you connect in a card as well as it’s full, you can click the format button in the little top right-hand corner and you can layout your card. So that you ensure that you have enough area to fly and also record your footage and photos. The following section over is gon na show you just how much time you have actually left on your trip. So you can demonstrate how much time till the electronic camera is mosting likely to automatically Return to Residence. Just how much time up until you’re gon na require a landing and also just how much time till your battery is completely diminished. So you’re just gon na wan na take note of these numbers because this is telling you just how much time you have actually left, and these 3 metrics are points that you need to understand. You need to know just how much time till it’s immediately gon na Go back to Home or how much time up until you’re gon na be forced to land as well as the drone is simply gon na descend any place it goes to. And after that undoubtedly the last one, just how much until you just have no battery left. Now next to that is gon na be your signal for your GPS. It’s gon na reveal you how lots of GPS satellites you’re attached to as well as it’s gon na show you how solid your signal is. Mine is 11 satellites as well as I have a strong signal. It’s able to update my house point. Currently if you only have a couple of satellites you’re not gon na have the ability to obtain a link and update your home point. So your drone is not gon na recognize where it goes to in the globe, and this is very important for when you launch and land. And when you’re utilizing points like Go back to Home you require to ensure that your drone knows where the beginning factor is from. Whenever you fly you wan na make certain that you secure right into GPS satellites so that you can establish that residence factor. Now the three dots in the upper right-hand corner is gon na be a menu and we’ll go over that after we’re finished with this homescreen. Below that is gon na be all of your electronic camera settings and we’ll dig into those in a minute too. The big red switch that’s record as well as if you’re in photo mode, it’s gon na be white and also that’s gon na be to take a photo. As well as below that the little play button that’s gon na show you what files are in fact on the camera and also what remains in your DJI Fly app. Currently in the reduced right-hand corner you have your auto and your manual direct exposure settings. So if you click this switch it’s gon na switch to hands-on and also your hand-operated setups are gon na pop up. Going left to right, initially you have J plus R. Mine is set to JPEG plus Raw as well as that’s revealing exactly how much information I have left on my SD card. Now beside that is my ISO and also you can readjust this relying on the circumstance that you’re in. It goes from a hundred to 3,200 and after that following to that is your shutter rate. So you can go from 4 seconds right as much as 1/8000th of a 2nd. You actually have a lot of control when it comes to your shutter rate, to be able to call it in for super intense setups or super dark setups. As well as you can even open it approximately 4 seconds to allow a lots of light in. And next to that is your meter and also it’s essentially informing you just how bright your image remains in contrast to what the cam believes that you need to expose to. So when you go to your vehicle settings you’re gon na have an automobile direct exposure. When you remain in handbook, it’s mosting likely to allow you control the exposure yet it’s gon na tell you all right your one quit under, you’re two quits under. It’s as well dark, or it’s also bright. You’ll see when I bump up my shutter rate that number is gon na transform and I go to like 1/40th and it’s revealing that I’m 2.3 over what I need to be. You might call it back better to no and you’re gon na discover what setups work best for you when you’re exposing when you begin flying and also shooting with this video camera. And also that’s simply a little meter that informs you, all right we’re over what the camera believes is no or revealed appropriately. Good so since we’re an auto mode you don’t have as numerous setups. You still have exactly how much information is left on the card on the left yet following to that is your direct exposure compensation. You can primarily tell the electronic camera to expose brighter or darker than what the video camera assumes is best exposure. A lot of times what I’ll do is bring this down. I’ll bring it down to adverse 0.
3 or 0.7 as well as generally what the electronic camera does is it’s gon na read the exposure and state this is what I assume the direct exposure is as well as then drop it by that percent. It’s gon na make the picture a little bit darker than what it thinks is appropriately exposed. You’re gon na have to play with this. If you remain in an incredibly intense setup with sunlight you may drop this down to adverse 0.
3 or adverse 0.7 but in various lighting circumstances if it’s cloudy you might in fact bring this up.If you don’t wan na manually call in your settings but the photo does look a little bright, this is what you ‘d use to bring down that auto exposure so that it’s not subjecting so intense. Currently the various other tool that you have beside that is auto-exposure lock. When you click this lock generally whatever direct exposure is presently on the screen, it’s gon na lock that in. Claim you’re pointed away from the sun as well as you have actually a properly revealed image. Well if you hold this as well as then turn in the direction of the sunlight you’re gon na see it overexposed since it’s secured on that direct exposure that does not have the sun in the framework. Vice versa if you’re factor it at a very bright scene as well as you secure it and after that you turn away from that, every little thing’s gon na get dark. So you can use this in different means. Like if you do not desire your exposure rising and fall from brilliant to dark, like if you’re moving via a scene where there’s various exposures. Perhaps it’s trees with shadows, you would find the direct exposure that you think looks finest for all over that you’re gon na fly because shot, secure the exposure and afterwards it’s never ever gon na fluctuate. It’s gon na remain in that very same exposure no issue where you go. I in fact use this function constantly due to the fact that I do not need to necessarily call in my hands-on setups. I’ll simply discover the exposure that looks great hit lock, and also then fly a bit, order the shot and after that I can turn this off and find the following direct exposure that looks good. Currently in the facility you’re gon na see the controller in connection with the aircraft. It’s just a visual means to show, hey the airplane is at one o’clock or the airplane is at six o’clock. And after that the lower left-hand corner is gon na be your map, and it’s gon na show that where the drone is, just how high from where you took off and just how much away. So I transformed this drone on in below as well as I walked it outside to where the turf is which’s about 12 feet away. So you might see how this functions. It in fact keeps a really accurate summary of just how far your drone is far from you. Currently you can click on this reduced left-hand map and it’s gon na pull up a Google Maps of where your drone remains in the world and also you can actually reveal it on screen. So if you dual click that so you click it two times it in fact pulls up a map and also it shows you where you are and where your drone is. This is a terrific method to be able to see where you’re flying and also if there’s certain spots, if there’s details roads, that you’re attempting to follow it’s simple to look on a map and also be able to see this and also you have a number of options on this map. So first it’s gon na reveal you all the different zones and you can display these. You can transform them on and off. Points like Restricted Zones, Authorizations Areas, Warning Zones, Authorizations Areas those are just the various colors that you’re gon na see on the map. Now the next button under is going to eliminate the path. As you’re flying, there’s gon na be a path drawn on this map as well as you can eliminate it there. Currently the following button down is mosting likely to center the map over the drone or over the house point. The following button down is gon na reveal you real north and afterwards the last button down will certainly pull up your map view. So whether it’s standard just this design of map or you could do a satellite, or you can do a combined of both. Now the last point at the bottom on this display is your Find My Drone button, and also you can click this and also it’s essentially gon na pull up Google Maps and also it’s gon na show you where on the planet that you go to as well as you can strike Beginning Flashing and also Beeping. Your drone is gon na blink and beep and also it’s mosting likely to be indicators. If your drone dropped someplace or you can’t find it you can click this. It’s gon na start making noise and also it’s gon na start blinking. Now what you wan na do is click once again in the lower left-hand corner and it’s gon na bring up your main display where you could see what the drone has seen. Currently the last switch I wan na go over on this display is your automatic takeoff as well as landing. So you’re gon na click this button when and you’ll click and also hold this Launch button and also when the eco-friendly light fills it’s gon na automatically take off as well as hover. Currently the same thing when it’s floating you can click that switch it’s gon na reveal you to land you can click and hold it and also the drone is mosting likely to come down on its very own. So automated launch and also landing it’s extremely helpful makes it extremely very easy to take off as well as fly. Currently you can likewise draw both joysticks internal and also it will certainly start the props and also then you press up on the left-hand stick and also it will launch. and also when you’re coming down you just hold down on the left-hand stick as well as it will certainly land, and you just hold it until the props fully switch off. Good there’s a pair more menus that I wan na go over to aid you understand how to use your drone. The initial is the one that’s ideal above the record or the picture button. This is gon na bring up the different settings for your camera. So let’s begin with photo. You can basically take various styles of shots in the picture setting. You can do a single picture. You can do AEB, which is a Car Direct Exposure Brace. So it’s gon na take a series of photos that you can then use to create an HDR image later. Following beneath that is a time shot and when you click on it, it’s gon na show you exactly how much time you can establish prior to it takes a picture. Now in the video mode it’s gon na show you 4k, 2.7 K, or 1080P. In 4k you have 24, 25 or 30. The very same settings in 2.
7K. Now in 1080P you can copulate up to 60 frameworks per second. Now you can do various quick shots as well as I’ll go for those and also another area, and then the last is panoramics. You can make various designs of panoramics that primarily stitch together a lot of images to develop a big sweeping shot of the landscape or whatever it is that you’re firing. Now the last food selection I wan na go into remains in the upper right-hand edge. You’re gon na draw this up and also this is where you can call in all of your settings. In the security you’re gon na see your Max Elevation and also Max Range and Vehicle Return to Residence. You’re additionally mosting likely to be able to update your house factor. When your airplane is in flight you can utilize this switch to update where your residence factor is. Now next you’ll see your sensors. This is where you can calibrate your compass or your IMU. This is only if you get a caution from the app that states you require to adjust this. I wouldn’t stress over that or else. Below that, you’re gon na have your Battery Information as well as when you click right into your Battery Info it’s gon na inform you exactly how much battery you have left, and also it’s gon na offer you simply a lot more details concerning your batteries. Currently underneath that you have this Unlock GEO Zone. If you’re in a certain spot that’s geo-fenced you can open it right here. Underneath that is advanced security attributes, and in the innovative security includes the first point is signal losses, what happens? If you shed a signal from your controller to the drone, do you Return to Home, Descend or Hover? And you can pick that. So depending on the situation you’re in, if say you get on like a boat or something moving you don’t necessarily want it to Go back to Residence due to the fact that your residence factor may be relocating. You would descend or float. Whereas if you’re simply standing in a big open field you ‘d probably have Return to Residence just so it flies back to you. You can set it what makes sense for the circumstance that you’re in. Now below that is Emergency Propeller Quit. So if it remains in an emergency situation you draw both sticks in or out and also it’ll shut off the motors as well as then underneath that Haul Mode. So you’re gon na wan na turn this on if you’re using something like your prop guards. Currently back in the security food selection, you’ll see Locate My Drone. That’ll take you back to the map to where you can discover your drone and afterwards below that is your Remote Recognition, and also this is where you can establish all the details regarding your details drone. Currently in the control setting this is gon na regulate the airplane and also the gimbal everything like that. Under the aircraft, you can establish up whether you want statistics or imperial. I remain in the US I use imperial yet if you’re elsewhere you’re gon na utilize statistics. Now beneath that it says Front LED Setting. This permits you to do various points with that said Front LED. Now following is the Gimbal. This is where you can establish up Adhere to Mode or FPV Setting. So FPV Setting is fascinating due to the fact that when you turn the drone is really gon na tilt and also you’re gon na see that tilt. So it feels even more like an FPV drone. I do not truly make use of that however it is an option here in the menu as well as if you place it in Sporting activity Setting and also FPV Setting, it feels even more like an FPV drone. Currently the following is gon na be Permit Upward Gimbal Rotation. I transform that on due to the fact that the reason that you might turn it off is that you’ll see the props occasionally, however if you have this on you can in fact tilt the video camera up. So if the drone is stagnating quickly and it’s not slanted super down you can in fact get a shot that is directed even more up instead of just straight ahead as your limitation. So next underneath that is gon na be your Gimbal Calibration and also this is where you’re gon na adjust your gimbal. If you need any kind of calibration of any kind of type that’s where you do it and after that we’ll go right into Advanced Gimbal Setups. So this is where you can set the different level of smoothness of each setting. So you have Typical, Cine Setting, or Sporting activity Setting and it reveals you, you can undergo and also transform your pitch, speed, smoothness or your Yaw Speed and Smoothness and basically you can call the feeling. If you desire points to relocate quicker or slower in a details mode, you can go mode by mode and also established these up to your preferred settings. Next we go right into remote controller setups. You can in fact bill your phone if you transform this on while your phone is connected and then under that is your Stick Setting. I always leave it on Stick Mode 2, you can make use of Mode 1, Mode 3, or Customized which just establishes your controller to exactly how your drone flies. Right currently within Setting 2 which is the standard. If you raise on the left it’s gon na send out, if you push down on the left it’s gon na come down. If you’re going to push left on the left joystick it turns left so it like pivots as well as after that if you turn right it rotates. Now on the appropriate stick, if you rise it goes ahead. So it relocates the forward instructions. If you press down it’s gon na reverse and also if you press left or right it’s gon na go in that direction kinda like sideways. It does not turn it just relocates to the side. This is how all drones come conventional and afterwards if you don’t like the setups and you have a different choice you can establish that up here. So the Fn modification is here. So if you touch as soon as or you double touch you generally have 2 points that you can do. You can either Recenter Gimbal or Toggle Map Live View. So just established these up, one of them to recenter your gimbal and also among them to toggle maps, just so that they’re always on. By doing this you can always utilize this switch to bring your gimbal back to facility or bring up the maps. Those are the only 2 choices you have on this drone. Now beneath that you have your RC Calibration. So if you need to calibrate your controller for any factor currently next is your Flight Tutorial. So this is a tutorial that DJI has established to assist you fly and after that near the bottom is to repair your application aircraft. If for some factor, your drone is not connected to your controller you would certainly go in below to fix them. All best so the following tab over is camera. You have an Anti-Flicker mode. I constantly just leave that on vehicle. You have Video clip Subtitles and also then down in the General, you’re gon na have Pie chart. I always leave my Pie chart on because this shows me my exposures on a chart as well as you can move this anywhere along the display. Currently I also transform on my Too much exposure Warning. You’re gon na see these zebras on the photo where the video is overexposing and also this is incredibly helpful. So if you’re firing a scene and also something’s overexposing that’s telling you that you’re obtaining no details from that area of your picture. What that indicates is gon na be brilliant white as well as it’s an excellent indicator to state alright I need to bring my direct exposure down. So I constantly utilize my Histogram and also my Too Much Exposure Caution to be able to call in my setups so I can obtain the very best direct exposure when I’m out recording. Next you have Gridlines as well as these are simply various grids that you can place on your image as you’re recording. Now next beneath that is your White Equilibrium. You can either establish it to auto which a lot of times I establish it to auto, however if you don’t desire it to change or you’re in any kind of altering light where it might change, you have to go in right here, turn it to manual as well as then you can set it to details Kelvin. Next under that you have the option to auto-sync your HD pictures which’s syncing the pictures to your phone as well as then last is every little thing about your storage space. So essentially you have your SD card. It shows you just how much you have left as well as exactly how much the card actually holds. You can cache while taping. So generally while you’re taping it’s gon na document an additional copy of the footage to your phone and then you can establish just how much ability you desire your phone to be able to hold. So in the DJI app, it’s mosting likely to tape what it is that you’re shooting while you’re videotaping on the drone. If you shed the drone you actually have a back-up recording of that video. If the drone accidents into a lake you at the very least have one duplicate of the video footage on below yet this video is just being sent at 720P. It’s a reduced resolution than you’re gon na be recording in camera but these shots can be made use of for fast social media edits. If you simply wan na do something fast on your phone and afterwards post it on social media. And after that near the bottom here you have reset all your camera setups. All best next is transmission. So you’re gon na go in below and it’s gon na show your frequency 2.4 or 5.8. I always simply leave it on dual-band as well as it’s also gon na claim Channel Mode and also I simply leave it to vehicle. I’ve never ever actually needed to manage these settings yet if you have some concern with transmission possibly there’s something you can play around with in below. And after that the last concerning tab is gon na belong for you to provide a name to your drone. It’s also gon na reveal you your firmware and afterwards simply some more info serial numbers and also points like that. So there’s another thing that I wan na go over. My application was simply updated. Currently I have zoom capability in the app. This drone allows you to zoom in 4k it’s a 2 times zoom in 1080P it’s a four times zoom. In the app what you’re gon na see appropriate next to the document switch is this one times. Currently when you click on this simply like a mobile phone it’s gon na most likely to two times I’m in 4k today. Currently you can also hold your finger on it as well as be able to zoom in increments instead than right from one to 2 times. I remain in 1080P 60 frameworks per 2nd and also you can see I can go to 2 times and also I can copulate up to four times. And also after that 2.7 K it’s the exact same as 4k you get a 2 times zoom. You get a 24 millimeter equal lens on this camera. When you punch in two times that’s a 48 so it’s about a 50 millimeter lens which can produce some truly awesome parallax steps on your drone. All best so the next section that we’re gon na enter is your initial flight as well as some points that you require to think of when you take your drone up for the very first time. (upbeat music) Good individuals, welcome to your first flight. You wan na make certain that you head out into a large open field to ensure that you have some space to be able to experiment with this drone and really find out the controls. Now before you obtain out to the field though you wan na make certain that you switch on your drone and also link whatever at residence. You wan na make sure that the controller is attached to the drone, that you can see every little thing in the display when you bring up the DJI app. And after that last, you wan na ensure that you can take an image and that you can additionally videotape with the SD card that you’ve placed in this drone. The last thing that you wan na do is get out someplace and after that suddenly understand that your card doesn’t function. Currently the last step prior to you venture out to the area is cost all your batteries. Ensure the controller is charged. See to it all the batteries are billed for your Mini 2 and afterwards you’re great to go. Currently when you prepare to take your very first flight there’s two manner ins which you can have your drone remove as well as land. As well as what we’re gon na do initial is simply have the drone turn up, allow it hover for a little and afterwards take it back down. The very first means is just on the app. You utilize the switch in the left-hand side you click it as soon as and afterwards keep in the facility as well as the drone is gon na instantly remove. Currently what you wan na do is simply allow it hover momentarily click the switch again and after that hold to land, and the drone is gon na automatically descend and land very easy as that. Yet you wan na make certain that everything’s operating properly before you take it off as well as fly a distance. You wan na bring it up, allow it float, bring it back down. Now the other means to takeoff as well as land is you draw both sticks internal. It’s gon na start the props and it’s simply gon na rest there spinning, as well as after that on the left joystick you’re gon na press up and also the drone will departure and also you can simply keep your hands off of it as well as it’ll just hover. Now to land manually, you just draw down on the left joystick as well as hold it till the motors completely shut down. It’s gon na go through, it’s gon na land as well as then the electric motors will certainly close off immediately. So those are the two methods that you can remove as well as land. Currently after you have actually experimented with this you fit taking off as well as landing. Now you’re going to takeoff and just do some simple movements around the area that you’re in. Now the last thing that I desire you to think of is use your Cine Setting when you’re flying for the first time, to make sure that it decreases every one of the motions. You don’t wan na turn it into Sporting activity as well as have the drone launch extremely quick, due to the fact that if you remain in that mode, you could crash into a tree, or like a fence, or something because the drones moving at a fast speed. So I very suggest push it right into Cine and also simply fly around, just do the different motions as well as see exactly how the drone relocates in a regulated area where you’re not gon na hit anything. That’s why I suggest going to a large open field. Play around with it, have it rise down, do some different activity patterns and also just get comfy making use of the joysticks. So I wan na look at one more point when it comes to your very first trip with the Mini 2 which fasts shots. So you have five various quick shots. You have the boomerang, the helix, the rocket, the droney, as well as the circle. Now quick shots you can shoot at all the resolution and also to change your resolution, you’ll go into the top right-hand edge to the three dots. You’ll most likely to the camera setup and afterwards there’ll be a choice that turns up that enables you to change your resolution for the quick shots. Now every one of these are wonderful as well as they can obtain you truly excellent shots. The very best way to practice these automations is to once more, remain in a huge open field similar to this and have fun with every one and also try all the various heights. The finest means to find out exactly how to use a drone is to try everything in the drone. So how the quick shots work is when you turn it on, it’s gon na establish the distance you desire the drone to move far from you, and after that from there you just need to select the individual or the item that’s gon na be the facility of structure. You see I clicked on me below as well as currently when you struck go the shot’s gon na instantly tape-record and it’s gon na instantly produce this really awesome result. Now you can control your exposure on these shots equally as you generally would with your drone. In the following section, we’re gon na look at exposure and also just how do you obtain the ideal watch out of this camera. (upbeat songs) Allowed’s discuss how you get the very best exposure as well as colors out of this camera. Currently something to think around is that there isn’t a whole lot of options when it comes to shade. You have one profile. So generally you need to deal with that account to get the finest keep an eye out of the camera. Currently when it involves direct exposure you do have accessibility to manage your shutter rate and also your ISO. Now your ISO is primarily how bright the image is as well as not to obtain too technological regarding what ISO is primarily an increase the signal. So the higher number that your ISO is the brighter your image is gon na get. Now the one disadvantage concerning enhancing your ISO is that the greater the number gets the much more loud your video footage is gon na be.Now shutter speed is basically how much time your sensor is exposed to light as well as the quicker that your shutter speed is the extra tense your video footage is gon na look. Now we’re not gon na dig as well deep into shutter rate and ISO in this video clip. I’ll place web links down below in the summary if you actually wan na discover what those ideas are yet all you really require to know is you do not wan na improve your ISO expensive and also then with your shutter speed you’re gon na use that to control your exposure. Currently this drone likewise shoots in vehicle and with vehicle you have exposure payment as well as how that works is when you remain in automobile, your camera sees what it believes is excellent direct exposure. Which direct exposure compensation is you informing the camera that it needs to subject 0.
3 better or 0.3 darker than what it believes is the best exposure. The setups that I have actually used a great deal when filming is adverse 0.3, unfavorable 0.7, as well as adverse one as well as I’ll flip in between those to get the finest looking exposure, because a lot of times when it’s very brilliant outdoors and you have it at absolutely no there are components of your image that gon na overexpose as well as you can’t really do anything regarding it. So when something over subjects in your video, it’s white, it’s completely blown out and also you can not bring that back when you remain in your editing and enhancing. It simply has that intense appear like, seek out below. That’s brilliant, the sun is right over there so that’s all overexposed. Currently you can regulate this specifically when you’re shooting drone video footage with this exposure compensation. So I’ll drop it down to 0.
3 or 0.7 and afterwards I use the switch to the right of that, which is your exposure lock, which implies that whatever exposure is presently set it’s gon na stay there up until you switch off the lock. Now there’s two tools that the Mini 2 offers us to be able to evaluate our direct exposure. Primary is your Pie chart. You go right into your menu setup, you go right into your electronic camera and also you transform on your Histogram. Currently right beside that is your Too much exposure Warning and also I believe this is a better tool than Histogram since it puts zebras on your photo as quickly as the exposure is overexposing. So you recognize that that component of your photo is gon na be totally white as well as you’re not gon na be able to shade quality that back and if you’re not color grading as well as you’re simply making use of the video footage as is that part of your photo is gon na be entirely overexposed as well as white. As well as you most definitely can let points overexpose, you just wan na recognize when you’re overexposing especially if you’re gon na undergo and shade quality later on. So when I’m flying with the Mini 2 my objective is to not allow anything overexposed because I called quickly as it’s overexposed, I can not bring it back and also I always do color grading on this video due to the fact that there’s just one color account. So you need to tweak it a little bit to get much better looking footage of this drone. It looks terrific as is at a camera yet you can actually make it look a whole lot better. So what I do is I make sure that nothing’s overexposing. I utilize the Too much exposure Caution as well as I use my Direct exposure Payment or I turn it right into manual and also manage my lights to ensure that nothing has zebras on it blinking. Since sets me up so that I can be able to edit this footage later on. Beyond of points you do not wan na have your video as well dark. So if components of your foreground are entirely black you’re not truly gon na be able to do much keeping that when you get involved in your modifying software. It’s gon na be very noisy if you attempt to lighten up that up. The trick is with this electronic camera that you don’t wan na have anything overexposing as well as you don’t wan na have anything as well dark. You can use your Histogram to make certain that your exposures are sitting someplace in the center. The problem with this electronic camera, is there’s just one shade account and also it’s extremely contrasty. They essentially developed this profile so that you could take this footage straight out, upload it, it’s gon na look excellent as well as yeah it does look excellent out of cam however you can make it look much far better. You really have to work with the too much exposure and underexposure as well as make certain points aren’t also dark, too intense so that you can get right into post and also do some shade rating with it and also truly make this video footage pop. Now another aspect of flying with direct sunshine. You wan na ensure that when you’re filming that you’re filming with some contrast in your scene. So if the sunlight is blasting your video it’s gon na resemble this. It’s just gon na be entirely subjected as well as it simply does not have the ideal want to it. Whereas if you fire from the side where the sun is coming from over below, you’re gon na have a much better looking photo, a far more balanced looking picture, because you have comparison in the scene. You have intense places and you have dark spots therefore something to assume concerning when you’re shooting you’re gon na get the most effective looking video if you fire closer to dawn or closer to sunset. When the sunlight is high twelve noon every little thing is gon na be brilliant. Whatever is gon na have great deals of light on it. Yes you can get excellent video at that time however it’s simply something to believe about. You recognize, if you’re shooting closer to sunup or sunset you’re gon na obtain much prettier video. Great so the following area we’re gon na speak concerning shade grading. If you wan na utilize the footage as is, that’s great but if you wan na take it an action better I very recommend you color grade your video as well as that’s exactly how you’re gon na be able to obtain various appearances rather than what’s straight out of video camera. (upbeat music) So out of electronic camera this is what the video resembles. This video footage does look great out of electronic camera but you’ll see you could do simply a couple of small tweaks and also you can actually make it look that far better. Now I shot this in daytime as well as I set it to daylight Kelvin yet it still has type of this blue color to it. As well as that’s something with a few of these drones like the DJI 2 Zoom, had the same kind of aim to the drone. The DJI 2 Pro has more of like a cinematic quality to it. It concerns the sensor. Currently you can certainly transform this and make this a little bit better and also that’s done via color grading. We’re gon na do some small tweaks. The tools that I’m gon na utilize are located in the majority of editing and enhancing software applications yet whatever software you’re operating in, things that we’re gon na modify are direct exposure and also we’re gon na fine-tune the shade a bit. So the modifying software program that I utilize is Final Cut Pro X as well as I have a lot of tutorials around Last Cut on this network. If you wan na dive deeper into the software application or the shade grading tools that we’re gon na chat regarding. I’ll place links down below in the summary to a few other video clips for you guys to examine out, but I just wan na show you guys the standard process and exactly how I treat this video footage as well as then depending upon whatever software program you’re utilizing you’ll have the exact same tools available. So allow’s delve into Final Cut. Let me just reveal you what I do. All right so this is the shot right out of electronic camera and also it looks respectable as is however I’m gon na make a couple of tweaks. So in my shade devices I have my master which is your total direct exposure, your highlights, your midtones, and your shadows as well as I’m gon na bring up my Luma Waveform So this is a graph that shows all of your direct exposures from the top which is white completely to the bottom which is black and also you can see it’s an extremely well balanced photo. This video footage out of cam currently has actually contrast constructed into it. So you’re gon na see direct exposure worths fringing from the top, right to the base as well as this is why when you’re shooting you wan na ensure that you have your too much exposure meter on, due to the fact that if you’re firing too brilliant and parts of it are overexposing like right here, then that’s gon na turn white in the video footage. So I fired ensuring that I have a direct exposure at every component of my picture and also absolutely nothing was overexposing. So for me this footage simply feels a little flat. What I usually do is I’ll bring down my mid-tones as well as that’s the mid range of the picture and also you could see some of the foreground is gon na begin going actually dark. And afterwards to fight that, I’m gon na raise my darkness a tad. Now I’m also gon na take down several of my highlights. So what I’m doing is I’m making it much less contrasty but I’m also bringing my mid-tones kinda further down. So it has a darker feeling on all of the foreground elements and also I’ll just play about with that till my liking. You can draw up your darkness and make it much less contrasty or you can pull them down as well as really dim up those parts of your footage. I generally place mine right around right here someplace. Currently in terms of the shade this is a little bit blue. So I include a little heat right into my footage. I’ll take my temperature and I’ll push my slider a bit right into the warm as well as you can see even more of the yellows and the environment-friendlies are gon na start popping out. Now additionally there’s a whole lot of saturation in this video footage. I may take out a little of saturation depending on what I’m in fact gon na use this footage for. You might also bump it up if you desire it really saturated. So it just depends on the look you’re choosing. I desire a little more of a cinematic so I’m gon na bring that down a tad as well as currently allow me reveal you a before and after of this quick shade grade. With simply a few small tweaks to your shadows, your mid-tones, as well as your highlights and also then playing around with your color temperature level will actually make this video footage pop. And you don’t have to do a great deal to this video since out of video camera this video currently has contrast, saturation as well as it’s currently revealed appropriately, if you’re utilizing the devices that are built-in video camera to subject for your highlights and your darkness. Currently if you wan na dig much deeper right into imaginative shade grades, I’ll put some tutorials in the summary to some cinematic styles that I like to create when I’m playing around with my footage. And also essentially you’ll take this video out of camera, do a couple of minor tweaks as well as then you’ll be able to begin doing some imaginative looks just right away. Men I wish this newbie’s guide was handy on your trip to obtain up and flying quickly. Currently if you liked this video and you wan na see more videos similar to this please leave me a remark down below in the description. Allow me understand if you’re a very first time flyer and also what type of content that you wish to develop using your Mini 2. Make sure you hit that subscribe switch and turn on those bell alerts because I’m gon na do even more videos concerning the Mini 2. Currently people I extremely recommend you look into this video clip right here it dives deeper right into how you can get some more creative control around your picture and also do some truly trendy things with your Mini 2 footage. Good individuals, I’ll see you there.

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